Organic Maple Syrup

The Sugar Maker
USDA certified Organic maple syrup is produced by sugar makers with certified sugar bush and sugar making facilities. The sugar bush, which is the name given to the stands of sugar maple trees where the sap is collected, has not been treated with any prohibited substances. Spraying of pesticides, herbicides, etc. in adjacent areas and substances prolonging the flow of sap (i.e. formaldehyde) are also prohibited.

The Packer
McLure’s Honey and Maple Products is certified by Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO) who inspects our facilities to the standard of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). McLure’s only accepts maple syrup from producers that are certified organic by an NOP approved certifier; furthermore, the certifier must have physically visited the organic producing area.

All organic maple syrup is stored in a segregated area to prevent co-mingling organic and non-organic product.

Organic maple syrup is only processed after all equipment has been completely flushed with hot water and PCO approved sanitizers. The system is then flushed with fresh water. All equipment is completely clean and empty of all prior maple syrup.
All labels must be approved by PCO before they go into production.

McLure’s must be able to track 100% of the organic maple syrup; this is inspected yearly by organic inspectors.

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